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Working Hard for the Weightloss – Weight Lifting

As I moved forward in changing my lifestyle as far as eating goes, I started having conversations with a friend of mine, Tommy Tinajero. Tommy had worked as a personal trainer at the Cooper fitness center in Dallas for several years. He had trained several professional athletes so I respected his fitness advice quite a…

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Waking up to a Healthier Life

My first step to a fitter me was to be awakened to the idea that all those so called diet plans, gimmicks or magic pills were all just a way for someone to make some money. Sure they may work and you may lose some pounds but then when you stop you gain all those…

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I have finally taken the plunge

After several people expressed how I should start a website that would summarize all the things I have learned from my research on nutrition and exercise, I have finally done it. ¬†My friend who started me down this road of healthy living gave me the idea for the name 2 years ago. ¬†Thanks Tommy! As…

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