Not all calories are created equal

Maybe you have determined how many calories you need to keep your body functioning properly.  Maybe you have even started adjusting how often you eat and how much. Good for you! You are on the road to a healthier you. Another eye opening fact that came to my attention on the road to becoming healthy was that: Not all calories are created equal. Say What?!?

To lose weight from fat, you must focus on not only how many calories you consume but also the source of those calories. For example: proteins, carbohydrates, or fats. Everyone is a unique individual and that is the same for our body’s biochemistry. Everyone requires certain kinds and proportions of healthy proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to perform optimally. This unique makeup is called your metabolic type.

Learning your metabolic type will help you to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner, once and for all, and achieve optimum wellness. It also will produce long-term results without the starvation and cravings that usually accompany many diet plans. When you are eating what your body requires, your hormones will become balanced, your body will achieve its ideal metabolic rate and you will then not need to hold onto excess fat stores. As a result, your body will lose weight the healthy way by burning stored fat.

Most people fall into one of three metabolic types. 

  1. Protein /Fast oxidizer types are people whose biochemistry requires high amounts of protein for optimal health.
  2. Carb/Slow oxidizer types are people whose biochemistry demand high amounts of healthy carbohydrates for optimal health.
  3. Mixed/Balanced oxidizer types are people whose biochemistry demand the combination of protein and healthy carbohydrates for optimal health.

How do I know what my metabolic type is? (It sounds complicated!) It actually is not that hard. Below are two links that explains more about the different metabolic types. The links also provide a simple questionnaire that you can fill out to know what type you are.

When I found out my metabolic type (Protein type) and started planning my meals and snacks accordingly, I began being less hungry during the day.  Yes, I still had cravings but that is for another post. 🙂

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