Complex Carbs vs Simple Carbs

In my previous article about sugars, I stated that I try to make my body work for the glucose by eating things that were more complex and had more nutrients my body would need to heal and grow. So “How do we make our body work harder?”

We should always choose complex carbohydrates vs simple carbohydrates, when it comes to eating. Since our digestive system breaks down all food/drink (carbohydrates) back down into its glucose molecules, the longer it takes to break it down the slower the glucose will enter your bloodstream. For example: If you were to drink a can of soda or juice, your body wouldn’t  have much to break down so the glucose will enter your bloodstream very quickly; whereas if you were to eat a piece of fruit, your body would take longer to break it down to glucose slowing down the rate it will enter the bloodstream.

This is the reason I will emphasis on eating whole fruits versus fruit juices. Regardless of the fruit and regardless of the method used for juicing, the most diverse and intact collection of nutrients will come to you through the whole fruit!

We have all experienced the feeling when we drink something sweet like soda or juice, our glucose level in the blood rises rapidly.  This instantly gives us an adrenaline surge or boost in energy but the side effect is 2-3 hours later when our blood sugar levels fall and causes us to become irritable, or nervous. This creating the horrible unending cycle of bad choices

So what are complex vs simple carbohydrates. Simply put the more natural a food is the more complex it is vs the more processed a food is the more simple it is.

So If I can encourage you in anything, it will be this:  Eat as natural as you can.  Shop the outskirts of the grocery store and avoid the middle aisles that hold a lot of processed foods.  You will notice a big difference in your appetite, satiation, and weight loss.


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