I have finally taken the plunge

After several people expressed how I should start a website that would summarize all the things I have learned from my research on nutrition and exercise, I have finally done it.  My friend who started me down this road of healthy living gave me the idea for the name 2 years ago.  Thanks Tommy!

As I get myself organized, I will be adding some more information to my site and look forward to helping the “average Jane” get in shape and become healthy.  And if there is anyone out there wanting to try a triathlon, I would love to help set them up on a training routine to help them cross the finish line.

3 thoughts on “I have finally taken the plunge

  1. Diane Perez

    Deanna, I can’t wait to learn more. I know your experience regarding triathlons and you are an inspiration. I look forward to reading more, nutrition, training and weight loss. Diane

  2. Diane Perez

    Oh yes, good luck on your new webpage, this is great!

  3. Greg

    I’m real proud of you Deanna. You said you wanted to loose weight and you have really stuck with it. You look awesome, and have become an inspiration to the family and your friends. I love you!

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