My Story

Are you sick of the constant bombardment of ads about a magic pill, diet, berry or juice that will help you drop excess weight? I know I was (and still am). In January 2010, the doctor told me that I really needed to lose 40lbs.  At that point, I became determined to lose the weight and to keep it off permanently.

Between being a mother of four and helping my husband with our company business, I began to spend a lot of time researching nutrition and how to change my lifestyle to become a well-rounded healthy person. I have a really good friend who helped me learn about weightlifting and some basic knowledge on how to burn fat.

With my new found knowledge, I started on the road to get healthy. During the process of losing weight and getting into shape this same friend began to continually ask me about doing a triathlon. I would laugh and remind him how unfit I was and how I didn’t even own a bike. After about three months of persistence asking on his part, I finally gave in and told him that he would have to help me train for it.

Long story short, I did my first triathlon in August of 2010. By that time I had lost the 40lbs I needed to lose, felt the best I have ever felt in my life, and was ready to do another triathlon and keep the weight off forever.

Now, years later, I have changed my lifestyle, keeping the weight off, and now I would love to share my experiences with other “Average Janes” like me who want to change their lifestyle and become a healthier person overall. I know that if someone like me, who never ran, swam or even owned a bike, can get in shape, change their lifestyle and even do a triathlon at the age of 41, anyone can. All you need is the motivation, instruction, and the self-discipline to take one day at a time moving forward to a healthier you.

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